Other Ways to Conserve Land

This conservation easement protects the scenic viewshed into an impressive stand of longleaf pine managed with prescribed fire.

Purchased Conservation Easements
The State of Florida’s Florida Forever land conservation buy program will purchase conservation easements. There is an extensive review and application process and competition is high for funding. Tall Timbers can assist select landowners with their Florida Forever application and continuing advocacy for the project.

For more information about Florida Forever – https://floridadep.gov/lands/environmental-services/content/florida-forever

Conservation Easements by Will
Conservation easements can be a great estate planning tool.
Land Donation to Tall Timbers
You can donate land to Tall Timbers via

  • Bargain sale
  • Gift of land with conservation features
  • Gift of land with no conservation features
  • Donations by will
A gobbling turkey is common place on this conservation easement in Leon County, FL. This gobbler will always have mature timber for going to roost.