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Fall 2016 | Vol 9 | No 4

Quail Forecast in the Red Hills: Déjà vu? By Dr. Theron M. Terhune The net population trend in the Red Hills last year (2015|16 hunting season) was relatively flat-lined with wide ranging variation throughout the region such that bobwhite abundance was up or down by as much as 30%. Based on early reports from managers […]
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At its core, prescribed fire is something one must experience. It is by trial and error that managers learn to manipulate fire to accomplish their objectives—my mentors certainly still point to my “learning moments.” It’s the error part, however, that society is less tolerant of but that science can help managers avoid. 
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The Southeastern Coastal Plain Tree-Ring Laboratory at Tall Timbers continues its effort to reconstruct the history of fire in longleaf pine ecosystems by exploring new sites.
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Mark your calendars for the first Red Hills Fire Festival on Sunday, January 22, 2017.  Fire Festival is a collaboration between many organizations in Florida and Georgia to spread awareness about prescribed fire and healthy forests.
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