Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment

GOSA logoBy a whopping 83%, Georgians supported the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment (GOSA). This amendment establishes a dedicated funding source that will generate approximately $20 million annually for land and water conservation in the state. Over the next few months, new rules and procedures will be developed to ensure these dollars are spent wisely and consistently with the state’s conservation plan.

The Tall Timbers Board of Trustees supported the amendment and provided funds to help educate Georgia voters on the importance of GOSA. According to Kevin McGorty, Land Conservancy Director, “GOSA complements our organization’s newly established Red Hills Land Conservation Opportunity Fund by providing potential funding for critical conservation projects in our region.”

Tall Timbers thanks all of its Georgia members for supporting the passage of this landmark amendment.

Wolf Creek

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