Continental Field Trials at Dixie Plantation

In January, Dixie Plantation hosted the 120th running of the Continental Field Trials. Since 1937, Dixie Plantation has proudly teamed with the Continental Field Trial Club to host the Annual Continental Open Derby and All-Age Championship Field Trials.

Embedded in the famed Red Hills Plantation Belt, Dixie is in the perfect location for the field trials, with over 6,000 of its 9,100 acres intensively managed for wild quail. In addition to prescribed burning, hardwood clean-up, seasonal disking, and other land management techniques; quail are fed year round and nests predators are kept in check. High density wild quail populations are a high priority for the field trials as well as hunting. Today the Continental Field Trials are recognized nationally as one of the premier wild quail trials in the country.

The Continental Field Trials are held the third Monday of January each year. There are two trials held back to back. The Continental Open Derby Championship is run first, followed by the Continental Open All-Age Championship. Winning the Continental Open All-Age trial entitles the dog to compete in the National Field Trial Championship, the highest honor a bird dog can attain.

The objective is for pointing dogs, primarily English Pointers and Setters, to locate coveys of quail and to point steady to wing and shot (the dogs freeze in that position as the handler flushes the birds and a blank shot is fired). The dogs are judged on their ability to find birds and their style and enthusiasm in doing so. In the Continental trials they run one-hour heats initially; those that qualify for call-backs run one hour and fifty minutes. This is a true test of stamina.

 Handler and pointer on the run       Dog handler and pointer

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2015 Continental All-Age Championship Winners

All-Age Winner

Front row: Luke Eisenhart & Tommy Davis with Continental Champion Erin’s Wild Justice- Mark Haynes with Continental Runner-Up Champion Miller’s Dialing In Back rows: Tammy Eisenhart, Mike Sweet, Ed Mayhew, Randy Floyd, Gary Lester, Larron Copeland, Bart Goodson, Eddie Sholar, Gloria Hagan, Alpha “Too” Bright, Doug Vaughn (Judge), Tommy Stargell, Clay Sisson, Harold Ray (Judge), Aimee Atkins, John Thompson. Photo courtesy of Chris Mathan.

2015 Continental Derby Championship Winners

Derby Winners

Front row: Luke Eisenhart and Tommy Davis with Champion Dunn’s Tried and True; Willis Wright and Tom Shenker with Runner-Up Champion Bayou Meta Jim. Back row: Ferrell Miller, Will Dunn, Reeves Lane, Ed Epp (Judge), Dr. Ron Deal (Judge), Bernie Matthys, Ronnie Spears, Alpha (Too) Bright, Randy Floyd. Photo by Rose Rodriguez

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