Your Support Needed for Conservation Easement Funding in Florida 

Contact your Senator to seek funding for Florida Forever
AND the Rural & Family Lands Protection Program

Longleaf pine forest at sunrise

Conservation easements are an important part of Tall Timbers’ work to protect the Red Hills region. Public funding to purchase easements will help protect key areas and accelerate conservation efforts. Join private landowners from across Florida in asking your Senator and Representatives to fund these critical land conservation programs and the use of conservation easements to protect special places like the Red Hills region.

In 2014 the Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative (Amendment 1) was approved by 75% of voters. This constitutional amendment sets aside 33% of Florida’s existing “doc-stamp tax” paid when real estate is sold, and places it in the Land Acquisition Trust Fund for conservation purposes. However, these key programs with the ability to support conservation easements in the Red Hills are not being funded. For reference, Florida Forever was historically funded at $300 million a year and RFLPP was funded last year at $35 Million.

A wide range of conservation allies including the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, Florida Forestry Association, and other conservation groups are working to rally landowners to let Florida legislators know how important funding conservation easements is to our future.

Please use the link below to identify your State House Representative and State Senator and let them know that you support funding for Florida Forever and the Rural & Family Lands Protection Program.

Identify and contact your State House Representative and State Senator here.

Why Tall Timbers Cares:

  • Conservation easements are the most cost effective way to preserve our water resources and help declining native wildlife species

  • Florida Forever is the key program for public support of purchase easements in the Red Hills

  • Rural and Family Lands Protection Program is key for the protection of working rural lands that complement our conservation efforts

  • Conservation easements protect land for a fraction of the cost of outright purchase, while maintaining private ownership to sustain rural economies and jobs connected to working rural lands

  • These lands support our surrounding communities; they clean our water, provide flood control, storm protection, food, recreation, and clean air

Make a difference, invest in conservation.

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